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"The best thing about memories is creating them………."

Vinayak Impressions helps you to replicate your loved ones hands and feet in an exact life sized replica so that you can treasure them as personalized gifts or keepsake or memories to be cherished over the years. Our 3D Impression are the perfect personalized gifts for any age. Create them for memorable BIRTHDAYS, HOUSE WARMING PARTIES, ANNIVERSARIES, WEDDINGS, ENGAGEMENTS, FATHER’S DAY, MOTHER'S DAY, BABY SHOWERS OR VALENTINE’S DAY.

This art involves casting of the expressions of the body parts using smooth metal finish like GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE & many other colors and then beautifully framing them to make memorable keepsakes for life. We know how quickly our fast life fades away our blissful memories. The casting keepsakes are true to life and capture fond loving memories for years together.

These concepts are not only meant for personal joys but make the most emotional & special gifts as they always find a place of pride in the receiver’s home & heart. These concepts became very popular with individuals & made it into the hearts & homes of the best in the corporate, film, sports & political fraternities too. During this journey, some beautiful people became patrons of this art.

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3D Baby Hand & Foot Impressions

Cast Your Babies Hands And Feets Forever. Make a perfect replica of your baby's hands and feet down to the smallest details.
Every impression of your baby captured forever.